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And answer them with my OCs huehue


Méel (Age: 22)
Seth (Age: 21)
Poppy (Age: 21)
Talivar (Age: 12)
Ravi (Age: 25-27)
Hyopehn (Age: 32)
Daniella (Age: 29)
Kath (Age: 24 | ^not relevant to Hyo and Dani's age for the purpose of this thing u.u)
Lennar (Age: 24)
Keyla (Age: ~1,000/Appears 27)
Neul/NTG (Age: 37)
Lilly (Age: 17)
Agoura (Age: ~2,000/Appears 18)
Lucy (Age: 28)
Beijen (Age: 24)
Learthe (Age: ~225/Appears 25)
Keith (Age: 19)

1. Think of the last person who said I love you, do you think they meant it?

Méel: Yes... <:3
Seth: I think that was my mom. I'm pretty sure she did.
Poppy: Probably not! But at least it was fun while it lasted, huh~?
Tali: *laughs* Ravi's a softie. Yeah uwu
Ravi: I hope so--Everything I do's for that kid!
Hyo: Of course! And I love her too.
Dani: Of course he does. *tiny laugh*
Kath: Uh-huh! I love daddy too!
Len: *laughs* Of course not.
Keyla: I hope so...
NTG: Excuse me? What was that? *laughs*
Lilly: Yes! ..I mean, I hope he does, um...
Agoura: I don't remember... <:c
Lucy: Of COURSE he does. >:c
Bei: Yeah.
Learthe: Yes.
Keith: I hope not. Bitch's insane!

2. Would you date an 18-year-old at the age you are now?

Méel: I-It would be kind of strange, I admit...
Seth: *shrugs* Sure.
Poppy: Oh my god! Younger boys are the CUTEST!
Tali: Wh-what, no! Girls a-are gross..! >:s
Ravi: Nah, not really into that whole dating thing at all to be honest.
Hyo: No. I'm married
Dani: I think I'm a bit too old for an eighteen year old's interest...
Kath: Um...
Len: As long as she's down for fucks, I don't give a fuck.
Keyla: *tiny laugh* I guess I've done that plenty of times before.
NTG: Date? No, probably not. That's... kind of gross, to be honest. I like young flesh, but not that young.
Lilly: I am right now! Heart
Agoura: I-I don't date...
Lucy: I'm in love with a nineteen year old; and I'm sure he loves me too.
Bei: I wouldn't mind that.
Learthe: Probably not... I don't think an eighteen year old has the maturity for an actual serious relationship...
Keith: Date? No. One night stand? As long as they're hot.

3. Would you ever smile at a stranger?

Méel: I've done that often. c:
Seth: No.
Poppy: Of course! It makes us both happy!
Tali: Well I sorta have to. Work and all. XD;
Ravi: Eh, sure. It's just common decency I suppose.
Hyo: I- probably?
Dani: I think we all do that naturally...
Kath: Sure!
Len: Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif she's cute. I'd do more than just smile. B3
Keyla: Suuuuuuuuuuuuure?
NTG: That's a stupid question.
Lilly: Of course! o:
Agoura: Of course. c:
Lucy: I guess.
Bei: Eh
Learthe: Why not?
Keith: Uhhhhhhh, I guess?

4. Have you ever kissed someone whose name begins with the letter ‘A’?

Méel: No...
Seth: I've never kissed anyone.
Poppy: Ummmmmmm... Yes! I don't remember his name though, was it Andy...? Anthony? Not sure...
Tali: Ew, no. BI
Ravi: Nope.
Hyo:, nope, I haven't.
Dani: Yes, actually. This one guy I met before I started to like Hyo. But I don't think it was really a kiss? I mean... I guess it was more of a, um, peck I guess. *laughs*
Kath: No O:
Len: Probably.
Keyla: I think so.
NTG: It's a possibility.
Lilly: Nope.
Agoura: I've kissed my fingers before... Does that count?
Lucy: Maybe.
Bei: Probably.
Learthe: Doubt it.
Keith: Maaaaybe.

5. What about ‘R’?

Méel: No.
Seth: Again, no one.
Poppy: Um... no, I don't recall any Rs...
Tali: Noooooooooooooo!  I don't kiss!
Ravi: Talivar's a liar, he's kissed my cheek.  But I haven't kissed anyone in particular
Hyo: No.
Dani: No.
Kath: Yes!  My friend Reyn, he gives me lots of kisses! X3
Len: Again, probably.
Keyla: Maaaaaaaaaaybe.
NTG: I dunno.
Lilly: Nope!
Agoura: N-noo I dont think so <X3
Lucy: Maaaaaaybe.
Bei: *LAUGHS* Yeah, I know of a certain R I've kissed.
Learthe: I don't think so.
Keith: Maybe.

6. Do you care if people talk badly about you?

Méel: Yes... It would upset me greatly.  But if I've done something to make them dislike me, then I feel like I must know.  So I can fix it, you know?
Seth: Yes, actually.
Poppy: Um... I guess if I found out about it, I'd be upset, but if not, then... I dunno, not everyone's gonna like me!
Tali: Why would they?  I'm adorable.
Ravi: I guess?  As long as it won't affect my business, I wouldn't really care.
Hyo: I-- Well, as King, that would be very upsetting, but as an individual... I guess I wouldn't care much.
Dani: I can't change people's opinions and I certainly won't change because of people's opinions.  So no, I wouldn't care.
Kath: Um... I don't know... Why would people say mean things about me?
Len: I don't caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare at all.
Keyla: People who talk badly of me usually get a stick through their chests. uwu
NTG: I'm used to it.
Lilly: I'm happy with the people I care about and those who care about me.  I don't care about those who don't like me.
Agoura: I don't have a lot of friends, so I guess that would upset me...
Lucy: Not at all.  Unless it's someone I really care about.
Bei: Who hasn't already?
Learthe: I can't think of anything I've done to upset anyone.
Keith: Ehh, not really.

7. Have you ever told someone you loved them?

Méel: Yes.  I tell them often. <:3
Seth: Besides my parents?  No one.
Poppy: I have, but I don't think I've ever meant it...
Tali: Kind of?
Ravi: I love my brother, of course I have.
Hyo: Of course.  I tell her every single day how much I love her, and every day I love her more.
Dani: Yes.
Kath: I love my parents!  And Jinny!  And Reyn!
Len: No.
Keyla: Yeah. <X3
NTG: It's better if I don't ever say that.
Lilly: Yes.
Agoura: It's been so long... But yes.
Lucy: Yes.  I tell him I love him all the time, but...  I haven't heard him say that in years. <:c
Bei: Yeah.
Learthe: Yes.
Keith: Once, and boy, what a mistake that was.

8. Is there a boy who you would do absolutely everything for?

Méel: I-I, um... umm... yes .///.
Seth: No.
Poppy: Noot quite, but I do have a few guy friends I would do almost anything for X3
Tali: Myself!
Ravi: Tali deserves a lot more than what I can offer.
Hyo: Not absolutely everything, but I do care for my brothers and their kid.
Dani: I would kill for Hyopehn's happiness.
Kath: Yes!  Jinny!
Len: No.
Keyla: Maybe not everything, but... yes.
NTG: No.
Lilly: Yes.
Agoura: Um... I don't think so...
Lucy: Yes, yes, I love him so much, you have no idea.
Bei: Anything for Ecio.
Learthe: Anything that would guarantee Hera's happiness.
Keith: No.

9. Is it cute when guys kiss you on your forehead?

Méel: yesit'sveryverycute .//^//.
Seth: What?
Poppy: Yes! X3
Tali: Ewwwww.
Ravi: What
Hyo: I-no.
Dani: Yes. u.u
Kath: Everyone's cute X3
Len: Nooooooooooooooo.  That's gay as hell.
Keyla: Yes <X3
NTG: No.
Lilly: Yessssssss.
Agoura: I don't know, is it? o:
Lucy: Yes! <X3
Bei: Yeah, I guessssssss.
Learthe: Excuse me?
Keith: Yeah, I guess.

10. Have you ever wanted someone you couldn’t have?

Méel: Yes... but I'm happy w-with someone else now...
Seth: Yeah.
Poppy: Sadly <:c
Tali: No?
Ravi: I'm not sure, really.
Hyo: No.
Dani: I guess not.
Kath: What do you mean?
Len: No.
Keyla: I always get what I want~
NTG: ...In a way, I suppose.
Lilly: No...
Agoura: I don't think so.
Lucy: I hope I can have him... someday...
Bei: I guess.
Learthe: Once, and it was a horrendous experience.
Keith: Nnaah.

11. Are you a jealous person?

Méel: I-I've been told I can be a little bit jealous...
Seth: I dunno.
Poppy: Not really. o3o
Tali: Nah
Ravi: I don't think so.
Hyo: Yeahhh.  I am.
Dani: No.
Kath: I think I am... >:
Len: Nah.
Keyla: Guilty. u~u
NTG: No.
Lilly: Maybe?
Agoura: No o:
Lucy: Maybe. :l
Bei: I don't think so.
Learthe: No, I'm not.
Keith: Nope.

Can you commit to one person?

Méel: Yes.
Seth: Wouldn't know.
Poppy: Probably noooot.
Tali: That's adult stuff. u3u
Ravi: I'd try to.
Hyo: Of course.
Dani: Yes. c:
Kath: Um..
Keyla: I think I could, maybe...
NTG: I don't care.
Lilly: I want to.
Agoura: *shrug*
Lucy: I wish I could! <:c
Bei: I dunno, probably not.
Learthe: Yes.
Keith: *LAUGHS* No.

13. Ever kissed under fireworks?

Méel: Yeah... <X3
Seth: No.
Poppy: Yes!
Tali: No!
Ravi: No.
Hyo: Yesss.
Dani: Yes.
Kath: No O:
Len: Yeah, probably.  There's been a lot of parties with fireworks.
Keyla: Oh, my GOD, YES!  He even made his own fireworks just for me... <X3
NTG: No.
Lilly: That would be so romantic... o:>
Agoura: No, what's that? o:
Lucy: Never..
Bei: Nah.
Learthe: Yes, I have.  Though, the fact that it reminds me of an old lover of mine does make me a bit uncomfortable.
Keith: Nope.

14. Are you a virgin?  If not, how did you lose your virginity?

Méel: I, well, um, n--wait, that does NOT concern you! 
Seth: I am.
Poppy: I am. uou
Tali: What's a virginity?
Ravi: I am a virgin.
Hyo: Do... Do I really have to explain how that happened...?
Dani: We got married and now we have a child.  Of course, we're not virgins. u.u
Kath: Um... What's that?
Len: Of course I'm not!  And it's kind of a funny story actually.  So, like, I was about... fourteen I think.  I kinda met this one girl during training and she was like... way older than me, like 18 or something.  But she thought I was about the same age as her, so she was acting all flirty and shit.  I was kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda really awkward, but whatever, hot chick.  So long story short, she fucked me, and now I can't stop u.u
Keyla: Ohhhh, no, of course I'm not.  And how I lost it... well, I'd really rather not say.  It was part of an incredibly important and serious cultural ceremony back home...
NTG: I don't recall how I lost it.
Lilly: I ammmmm.
Agoura: I haven't. o:
Lucy: I actually lost it when I was around 16, but I didn't lose it to a guy.
Bei: When I was pretty young... I had to lose two virginities, mind you.  I, as a man, had a wonderful time, as a woman... oh boy, that was the most EMBARRASSING day of my life.  I became a boy right in the middle of it.
Learthe: I lost it centuries ago, but I'd rather not tell you how.
Keith: When I was fairly young, to be honest.  One of my constants, sadly, was Lucy.

Do you have any regrets?

Méel: A few...
Seth: I guess.
Poppy: Nope!
Tali: I dunno O:
Ravi: Yup.
Hyo: Yeah.
Dani: Sort of.
Kath: No o:
Len: A handful.
Keyla: Soooome.
NTG: No a single one.
Lilly: Not really, I don't think...
Agoura: One.
Lucy: Some.
Bei: A few.  I fucked up big time.
Learthe: One, and it still haunts me.
Keith: Nah.

16. Are you afraid of dying?

Méel: Quite...
Seth: Yeah, I am.
Poppy: Death does sound scary...
Tali: Nope. uwu
Ravi: I guess.
Hyo: No.
Dani: I'm not afraid of myself dying, but rather my loved ones dying.
Kath: No o:
Len: I don't know.
Keyla: I'm never gonna die, sooo u.u
NTG: Yes.
Lilly: Not really...
Agoura: Nope.
Lucy: A little bit.
Bei: No.
Learthe: Yes.  But not because of death itself--I'm simply afraid of dying without doing everything there is to do in this world.  That's why I've elongated my life.
Keith: Nah...

Do you want to get married?

Méel: Yes c:
Seth: Maybe, I dunno.
Poppy: That would be soooooooooooo cute, but I don't think I'm responsible enough for that <X3;
Tali: No u.u
Ravi: *Shrug*
Hyo: I am married uwu
Dani: I already am <3
Kath: Is it fun? o:
Len: Never.
Keyla: Yes <X3
Lilly: Yes~
Agoura: I dunno...
Lucy: That would be sweet <X3
Bei: I dunno, probably not.
Learthe: Yes.
Keith: Nope.

18. Girls, when was the last time you went/how often do you go out without a bra?

Poppy: O-Oh, a lot of my outfits already come with support, so, um...
Dani: I don't think I ever have.  I wear binders or breastbands in battle, though.
Kath: What's that? Is that the itchy thing that mom makes me wear?
Keyla: I don't typically wear one under dresses or anything, but when I'm in my dancing outfits... I guess those count, right?
Lilly: Oh, never.  I just feel too uncomfortable without one. .u.;
Lucy: I ALWAYS wear one.
Bei: I... don't like to wear them, because then when I turn into a guy it's.. awkward.

Guys, when was the last time you went/how often do you go shirtless in public?

Méel: I don't recall.
Seth: Not sure.
Tali: Almost every day!  It gets really hot in here!
Ravi: Often, when forging blades.  It gets incredibly hot and I don't like sweating through shirts.
Hyo: Never; that's indecent.
Len: Notttttt really that often.  But when I do, it's to attract sluts, y'know? u.u
NTG: Never.
Agoura: I'm always shirtless!
Bei: Not sure, I don't think I have.
Learthe: Never gone out shirtless, but I have removed it in public.
Keith: My shirt's full of holes, so what's the difference between going shirtless and not?

20. Do you like to cook?

Méel: Yes!  I love cooking C:
Seth: I guess cooking's alright.
Poppy: YES!
Tali: Nope o:
Ravi: Nah.
Hyo: I have never touched kitchen equipment.
Dani: Oh, I do.  I haven't in a long time, though.
Kath: No o:
Len: Nope.
Keyla: I like cooking... But I'm terrible at it. Sweating a little...
NTG: No.
Lilly: Yeah, I guess.
Agoura: Nope. XD
Lucy: Yes!  I especially looooooooove baking!
Bei: I don't like cooking as much as I like brewing potions.
Learthe: I do enjoy cooking.  It's a form of art, isn't it?
Keith: Nooooooooooooooope.

21. Guys, 
are thongs sexy?

Méel: Excuse me?
Seth: I-- uhh... *AHEM* I guess...?
Tali: Isn't that used for grabbing stuff?
Ravi: I-I don't believe I've ever seen anyone wear one, I don't have an opinion on the matter. ù-ú;
Hyo: I...
Len: Hell yeah.
NTG: Yes. :l
Agoura: A what?
Bei: Yesssssssssss.
Learthe: ...I am not going to lie, they truly are attractive.
Keith: HELL yes.  Hell yes.  Yes.

22. Girls, 
do you think suits are sexy?

Poppy: They're beautiful OoO
Dani: Hyo does look handsome in one.
Kath: I dunno O:
Keyla: No, I prefer them naked u.u
Lilly: Yes! X3
Lucy: Of course they are u.u
Bei: Eh, sure, whyy not.

Have you ever kissed a member of the same sex?

Méel: ...yes
Seth: NO.
Poppy: Nope!
Tali: EW.
Ravi: No.
Hyo: My brothers probably.  W-When I was a kid, I mean.  I was dumb.
Dani: No.
Kath: No o3o
Len: Gross
Keyla: Yes, actually.
NTG: That does not concern you Bl
Lilly: No.
Agoura: No O:
Lucy: Yessssss.  Girls aaaaaare better kissers, to be honest.
Bei: I guess?  I mean, not.. while I'm the same sex, but.. I guess?
Learthe: No.
Keith: YUP.

Would you rather never fall in love again or never orgasm again?

Méel: I'd rather fall in love.
Seth: Wh
Poppy: Um.
Tali: What's an orgasm?
Hyo: I like my wife >>
Dani: I like being in love.
Kath: What? o:
Len: Who needs love anyway~?
Keyla: I... I'll need a few minutes to answer that...
NTG: Fuck love.
Lilly: I think I prefer being falling in love...
Agoura: Um... I like love,I think.
Lucy: I like falling in love but it hurts, so...
Bei: I'd give up love.
Learthe: I would never give up the opportunity to fall in love.
Keith: No love for me. UuU

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